Feature Buttons

Along with the numeric keypad, speaker button, volume keys, and navigational control buttons , there are nine physical, labeled feature buttons on your iPECS phone:

  • Menu: Open the programming interface for your phone.  Typically, your iPECS phone will be provisioned for you and you won't need to use the Menu button unless you are directed to do so by your phone administrator. Be aware that making changes here may result in operational problems with your phone.
  • Speed: Quick access to  speed dial numbers  that you create on your phone.
  • Transfer: Transfer the active call to another extension or external number.
  • Message: Log in to check your voicemail.
  • Headset: Press to use a headset plugged into the headset jack on your phone.
  • Hold: Put the active call on hold or retrieve a call on hold.
  • DND: Put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Mute: Disable outbound audio on the active call so that the caller cannot hear you but you can hear the caller.
  • Directory: Access your company directory.