Add Spell by Name to Auto Attendant

Any auto attendant can have Spell by Name added to it, the users allowed to be found via spell by name are controlled by who is added to the spell by name option in the AA programming.

Open Call Manager, then Auto Attendant, then Service Number (assuming your basic AA has been built), click Modify and select the option for Use Dial By Name.   Next click Change at the bottom of the screen to select the members of the spell by name option.  Scroll through your users and check each user to be able to be found in the spell by name feature.  Clicking the top box will check all users and you can uncheck those who you don’t want to a part of spell by name if that number is lower.


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The way that the matches to the characters dialed when spelling a name and how it is played to callers is defined by the Dial by Name Play Type.   Extension Play gives the caller the extension number to dial (plus #), if there are multiple matches based on the character selected to spell, they will be listed alphabetically.  Short Dial Play also gives the caller the matches in alphabetical order, so “for person A, press 1 (plus #), for person B, press 2 (plus #), this keeps the caller from knowing the user extension if you want to keep that hidden.

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There is a default canned spell by name prompt, however you can record your own.   If you choose to record your own, the following is what the canned spell by name prompt says.

To dial by name, press the digits associated with the letters of the first or last name and press # when finished.  To return to the previous menu, press star

Once you have your spell by name prompt recorded place is in the spell by name, the option needs to be added to the Scenario that the spell by name option will be offered.

Click on Call Manager, Auto Attendant, then Scenario define.  Select the Scenario to add Spell by Name to (Day/Night, etc.) then click Add Scenario, and OK

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Click on New Step to define the Spell by Name, then click Modify. Next give the Scenario a Name and select the Spell by Name Search type

Leave the Scenario prompt empty to use the default spell by name greeting, or browse to where you have it saved on your network to add it, then click Save to save the new Scenario

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Lasty now apply the Spell by Name option to the Scenario you added it to.   From the last step, click on the Basic Scenario (as in this example) to add the Spell by Name option, click on Digit Setting and Modify.  On the digit you wish to use for Spell by Name, enter as in the example below, Next Menu and in the drop down in the second field, select the Spell by Name menu and save it

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You will need to add the Spell by Name scenario to each Scenario (Day, Night, etc.)