Group Speed Dial

Group speed dials are available all members of a group, and are set up by your iPECS administrator.  (Your administrator may also create system speed dials that are available to all iPECS users, and you can  create station speed dials yourself that are local to your phone only.)

Dial a group speed dial

  1. Do one of the following:
  • Press the group speed dial programmable feature button, if one is present on your phone.
  • Press the DIR softkey and then press 2 for Group Speed.
  1. Select a group speed dial:
  • Enter the Group Speed Dial number (0000-2999).
  • Press the SEARCH softkey to search for a specific speed dial:
    • Toggle the ABC/123 softkey to search using text or numeric characters.
    • Type the first 3 characters of the name by pressing each phone button once. The LCD displays the first close match; you may have to scroll down to find your exact match.
  1. Press the SEND softkey to dial the number.