Extension G/W Management (Manager Portal)

To make changes to Extension Gateways, click to select the desired Gateway device, then click Modify, and when you are done click Save. 

Required settings are marked with an asterisk; not all displayed settings can be changed here.

Prior to configuring these settings; it is recommended that you start by configuring the device itself here: TDM Extension Gateway - Device configuration

Required Settings...

  • GW Name - This is a string value that can help you identify a gateway (useful with multiple units or units at different sites).
    • This is the name you will see when assigning an analog / digital phone device to a user in User Setup.
    • Tested to 40 characters; but would recommend something shorter.
  • MAC Address - MAC address of your particular unit; typically starting with B061C7
  • Location Name - The only option at this time is 'CCM' and after being set cannot be changed.

Optional Settings...

  • T38 Use - Can be set to 'Off' or 'On'.  This should be set to 'On' if any of the SLT ports will be used for Faxing; else leave it 'Off'.
    • As noted on the page, if this is changed, then the phsyical Gateway device MUST be rebooted.
  • Local Media Processing - Can be set to 'Use' or 'Not Use'.  See Local Media Processing article for more detail.


Under the 'Connect' header, you can see if the device is currently Connected or Disconnected from the Cloud service.

Clicking on the icon under the 'Detail' header, you can see which ports are assigned to users & which are unassigned.

Additional Settings...

(Do not make changes to these without input from your Technical Support representative.)

  • SLT Max Hook Flash Time
  • SLT Min Hook Flash Time
  • SLT Off Hook Time
  • Dtmf Gain
  • Dtmf Duration

Assigning an analog / digital endpoint to a user

Still in the Customer Manager interface, navigate to User -> User Setup and add your user.  When you select the 'Phone' device, you will need to select the following (which cannot be changed after assignment).

  • TDM Extension G/W (shown with the GW Name given in the Required Settings above).
  • Port number.