Call Log

Your Call Log contains a record of all of your incoming, outgoing, busy and missed calls. 

Manage the Phone Call Log

  1. Press the LOG softkey, or enter 537 (feature code for Call Log).
  2. Use the directional buttons to scroll through the Call Log entries.
    • To call a number, press the SEND softkey.
    • To view details for an entry, press the SELECT softkey. 
    • To delete an entry:
      • Press the DEL_SEL softkey and then press 1 to confirm the delete.
      • Or, while viewing details for an entry press DELETE .
    • To delete all of the Call Log entries, press the DEL_ALL softkey.
    • To create a speed dial for the number in the entry, press the SAVE softkey. 
      • Press 1 to confirm SPEED.
      • Press the OK or HOLD Button to save
      • Enter the name of the Speed Dial  and press the OK softkey
      • Click the OK softkey. "SPEED BIN NO (nn)" indicates that the speed dial was created successfully. 
      • (see also Speed Dial FAQ)

Interpreting the Call Log Display On the Phone

One of the following icons identifies the type of call:

▶: Outgoing Call

◀: Incoming Call

M: Missed Call

B: Incoming Call on Busy

X: Call from unknown telephone number

F: Forwarded Call

D: Call in DND

P: Call picked up by another phone.