Speed Dial

The Speed button on your phone only works with station speed dials that you create on your phone. You can create up to 100 station speed dials. as described below, or directly from an entry in your Call Log or company Directory.  Each station speed dial is associated with a speed dial bin number (00 - 99).

You can assign a station speed dial to a flexible button on your phone.

Station speed dials are local to your phone only.  Your iPECS administrator may also create system speed dials (available to all iPECS users) and group speed dials (available to all members of a group).

Dial a station speed dial

  1. Lift the handset or press the Speaker button.
  2. Press the Speed button or enter 507 (feature code to dial a station speed dial). You can also press the DIR softkey and then press 1 for Station Speed.
  3. Select a speed dial:
  • Enter the speed dial's  bin number (00 - 99).
  • Press * to dial the last speed dial used.
  • Press the SEARCH softkey to search for a specific speed dial:
    • Toggle the ABC/123 softkey to search using text or numeric characters.
    • Type the first 3 characters of the name by pressing each phone button once. For example, for "Christine Ryan", press 2-4-7. The LCD displays the first close match; you may have to scroll down to find your exact match.
  • Use the directional buttons to scroll to the speed dial.
  1. Press the SEND softkey to dial the number.

Create a station speed dial

  1. Press the Speed button or enter 506 (feature code to create a station speed dial).
  2. Press the ADD softkey.
  3. Press the OK softkey.
  4. Enter the phone number to associate with the speed dial (MAX 32 digits). Be sure to enter a dialing prefix and area code as required.
  5. Press the OK softkey.
  6. Enter a name for the speed dial : 
  • Use the numeric keyboard to enter text. For example, press 2 once for "A", twice for "B", and so forth. 
  • Press the MODE softkey to switch between text input modes. The current mode is displayed at the upper right of the phone's LCD:
    • ABC: Uppercase characters
    • abd: Lower case characters
    • * : Symbols: 1 = @   2 = |   3 = ^   4 = (   5 = -   6 = <   7 = ;   8 = '   * = *   0 = .   # = #
    • 123: Numeric characters
  • Press the DELETE softkey to delete the previous character.
  • Use the directional buttons to position the cursor in the text. 
  1. Click the OK softkey. "SPEED BIN NO (nn)" indicates that the speed dial was created successfully. 
  2. Press the BACK softkey to create another speed dial, or EXIT if you are done.