Sennheiser USB Headset Integration

Feature first available:

iPECS Cloud version 6.0.

License Required:

iPECS Premium or Premium Plus users required


Sennheiser USB headsets (SC130 USB, SC260 USB, SDW 5064 DECT, and DW PRo 1 USB ML) are now compatible with iPECS ONE.  This allows for user-friendly call answering and terminating using the headset.

  • User friendly incoming call answering and terminating the call using Sennheiser(EPOS) USB headset


Sennheiser USB headset integration
  • User friendly incoming call answering and terminating the call using Sennheiser(EPOS) USB headset

Step 1: Install ‘EPOS Connect’ program in user’s PC

This program allows ONE Web client to interact with Sennheiser(EPOS) headsets.

It enables the interface between ONE Web client and the Sennheiser(EPOS) headsets.

. Windows : EPOS Connect for Windows

. Mac : EPOS Connect for MAC

Step 2: Set up headset integration settings on iPECS ONE Web Client

  • For Windows
    1. Download EPOS Connect for Windows or EPOS Connect for MAC from EPOS Connect for Sennheiser(EPOS) headset
    2. Execute the setup package. Click the “Install” button to install this package. When the “Finish” button is clicked, all installation processing will be done.

Set up headset integration settings
  • Supported Models
  • SC130/SC260
  • iPECS ONE Settings > Headset Integration
  • Click ‘Select headset device’ and select the Sennheiser(EPOS) headset
  • Click Enable