WebHID support added for Chrome and Edge

Feature first available:

iPECS Cloud version 6.1.

License Required:

iPECS Cloud Premium or Premium Plus licensing is required to use this feature.


WebHID (Web Human Interface Devices)

  • Allows Web applications to interact with human interface devices (HIDs), such as a headset. 
    • This simplifies deployment of supported headsets by removing the need for several middleware components previously required such as:
      • Browser extennsion
      • SDK library for browser
  • WebHID integration lets you control your calls without using a vendor-specific headset application.
  • WebHID provides a way to implement device-specific logic in JavaScript.
  • Safari doesn’t support WebHID. Yealink Headsets in Bluetooth mode don’t support the remote Call Control.

Supported models:

The initially supported models for this release are the Yealink BH71 and BH76 by way of the of the Yealink USB dongle model BT51.