You company directory offers a variety of ways to make a call:

  • Station speed dials that you create yourself.
  • Group speed dials that can be used by all of the members in a group.
  • A dial-by-name directory list of all e iPECS extensions.

View Directory

  1. Press the DIR softkey or the Directory button.
  2. Press:
  • 1: Station Speed
  • 2: Group Speed
  • 3: Station Name
    • Use the directional buttons to scroll through the list.
    • To search for a directory entry by name, toggle the ABC/NUM softkey to search using alphabetic or numeric characters.

Type the first 3 characters of the name by pressing each phone button once. For example, for "Christine Ryan", press 2-4-7. The LCD displays the first close match; you may have to scroll down to find your exact match.

  1. Press the SEND softkey to dial the number.