ACD Multi Logon

Feature first available:

iPECS Cloud version 5.0.

License Required:

ACD Agents, Supervisors, and Groups each require licenses.


Once first logged into their primary group, Agents / Supervisors can now also log on to up to 10 additional sub groups.

Additional Details:

IMPORTANT: Agents / Supervisors MUST be registered in their main group before they can make use of sub-group features.

IMPORTANT: SIP phones are NOT supported.

  • Sub group can be ANY existing ACD group.
  • There are 5 new feature codes, 2 for ACD Agents and 3 for ACD Supervisors which are listed in the tables below along with their default feature code.

NOTE:  Existing iPECS Cloud customers at the time of this upgrade will need to create these feature codes manually and may choose the default codes below or use whatever fits in their scheme.

Agent feature codes:
Feature Name Feature Code
ACD Agent Sub Group Log On/Off 551
ACD Agent All Group Log Off 555

Supervisor feature codes:
Feature Name Feature Code
ACD Supervisor Sub Group ACD Q Overflow Count Change 552
ACD Supervisor Sub Group Night Mode 559
ACD Supervisor Sub Group Holiday Mode 560