Grandstream HT802: Backup & Restore

The HT802 connects 2 analog phones to a VoIP service provider.  

HT802 Backup & Restore

Connect the HT802 to your network according to the instructions included with the device. When the IP address is discovered, enter it in the address bar of a web browser to go to the Grandstream Device Configuration Utility.

NOTE:  Attaching an analog phone to one of the ports, you can use the integrated IVR to obtain the IP address as follows:  

  • Go off-hook and press *** in quick succession.
  • When prompted to enter the option, dial 002; the IVR will then play the current IP address.

IMPORTANT:  The attached configuration files are intended for use / validated with an HT802 running firmware*.  After restore, you should only need to fill out the following fields under FSX Port1 page (please reference Grandstream HT802 Configuration)

  • SIP User ID
  • Authenticate ID
  • Authenticate Password

Configuration files given are for 3, 4, or 5 digit extensions in the 1xx(xx) / 2xx(xx) range, using digit 9 for outbound calling, and location with a single HT802 deployed.  If your configuration differs, please reference your Grandstream HT802 documentation or contact iPECS Support.

* firmware versions later than have not been validated to work with this configuration file at this time.

Advanced Settings...

The backup & restore commands are located here, some of which seem to be a bit redundant.

​First, the 'Download' links...

  • Download Device Configuration - saves the configuration as config.txt
    • This is a plain text readable file.  Has a list of Field ID numbers and their configured values.
    • Field ID P4511 appears to contain the MAC Address of the unit it was obtained from.
    • Backup files containing a MAC Address value can only be restored on the device with the matching MAC Address. 
  • Download Device XML Configuration - saves the configuration as an XML file.
    • This is a readable file as well.  
    • It contains the model number at the top as well as a clearly labeled MAC Address header / value pair.
    • This is the format of the provided configuration files and the MAC Address header has been removed.
  • Export Backup Configuration - saves the configuration as an encrypted XML file.
    • As this file is encrypted, it is not readable / editable.
    • As the MAC Address is embedded in the encypted file, it cannot be removed, and thus this type of configuration backup is only usable to restore to the device upon which it was taken.

Now, the 'Upload' links...

  • Upload Firmware - While useful for updating to a current firmware, this is not the topic of this article.
  • Upload Configuration -  Used to restore the .txt and unencrypted .xml configuration backups.
    • In  practice seems functionally equivalent to the 'Restore From Backup Configuration' command below and readily accepts the encrypted file too.
  • Restore From Backup Configuration - Used to restore the encrypted file from the 'Export Backup Configuration' from the Download section.
    • In practice seems functionally equivalent to the 'Upload Configuration' command above and readily accepts either of the two unecrypted files just as well.