Feature Codes

Feature codes let you quickly access a variety of features on your phone.

  • If you are on a call, press the TRANS softkey or the Transfer button, and then enter the feature code.
  • If you are not on a call, just enter the feature code.

The availability of a feature code depends on the current context. For example, if you are on a call, you can only use feature codes that can be applied to the active call, such as 512 for Call Park. You won't be able to use feature code 507 for Station Speed Dial to initiate a second call using a speed dial. 

Some feature codes take effect right away (502 to turn Do Not Disturb on or off); other features requires additional steps to complete (501 to Forward Calls requires that you configure the call forward location).

Available feature codes

500 Page

501 Call Forward 

502 Call Forward Cancel

503 Timed Do Not Disturb (ON / OFF)

504 Do Not Disturb (ON / OFF)

505 Account Code

506 Station Speed Dial (Create)

507 Station Speed Dial (Make a Call)

508 Callback  (Set)

509 Callback (Cancel)

510 Call Pick Up (Group)

511 Call Pick Up (Direct)

512 Call Park / Unpark

513 Hot Desk Login / Logout

514 Conference Room Activate

515 Conference Room Deactivate

516 Wake-up Alarm (Create)

517 Wake-up Alarm (Cancel)

518 Intrusion Request

519 Camp On

520 OHVO (Off Hook Voice Over)

521 ACD Agent Log On / Off

522 ACD Agent Not Ready Mode

523 ACD Agent Work Mode

524 ACD Agent Auto Work Mode After Call (ON / OFF)

525 ACD Agent Auto Answer (ON / OFF)

526 ACD Agent Head/Hand Set

527 ACD Agent Headset Ring Mode Change

528 ACD Supervisor Display Q Wait Count

529 ACD Supervisor Group Night Mode

530 ACD Supervisor Group Holiday Mode

531 ACD Supervisor Silent Monitor

532 ACD Supervisor ACD Q Overflow Count Change

533 Record Call

534 Hot Desk (Virtual Desk) Login / Logout

535 ACD Agent Help Request

536 Caller ID Display Restrict (Call Base)

537 Call Log

538 System Service Time Mode Change

539 Terminal-Based Do Not Disturb (ON / OFF)

701 Conference bridges – Password 200710