iPECS ONE support of ACD Group Member license

Feature first available:

iPECS Cloud version 5.5.

Licenses Required:

  • Premium iPECS ONE user or Premium Plus iPECS ONE user
  • ACD Group Supervisor or Group Member license


IMPORTANT: The user MUST be programmed as a 'single client' user and MUST use the iPECS ONE browser interface.  The mobile client is not supported at this time.

NOTE:  While Chrome is the officially supported browser, most Chromium-based browsers appear to work.

Using a browser to login, a user may...

  • Sign in / out of their primary and / or up to 10 secondary queues
  • Set a status of Available, Unavailable, or Wrap-up across all signed in queues.
  • See status of Auto Answer and Auto Wrap-up settings.
  • Place and receive calls through the browser integrated soft phone.
  • ACD agent - Request Whisper Coaching or Help Request to supervisor and cancel pending requests if not answered.
  • ACD supervisor - Respond to Whisper Coaching or Help  (via Silent Monitoring) Request of an agent.

Updating of iPECS ONE client and login:

The URL to login to iPECS ONE is: https://ipecscloud-one.vertical.com

At this point, you must be logged out.

  1. Click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. Not the version in the bottom left corner of the pop-up window. 
    • Rls2212-3.0.5 is the minimum version needed to support ACD login of the iPECS One client. 
    • Click the 'Update Version' button to the right of the version to update to latest version.
  3. In the Call Mode selection, click to expose a drop down list and select 'ACD Agent'.  If this does not show, after updating the version, click the 'x' in the upper right of the pop-up window, refresh the browser page, then click the gear icon and try again.

  1. After updating and setting the Call Mode, you may now login. 
    • The ID is typically extension@tenant.com e.g. 100@vertical.com.
    • You would have received a welcome e-mail to initialy set your password; but if you don't know it, then you may reset it from the main user portal here: https://ipecscloud.vertical.com/