General Options (UCE Desktop)

General options offer a variety of ways to customize UCE Desktop behavior.

  1. Open the Options screen.
  2. Click General.

  1. When you are done making changes to the options described below, click OK.

Account options

  • Server and Port Number are display-only here.  You can make a chang using the Settings menu.
  • Login automatically when the program starts: If checked, your password will be saved so that you do not need to enter it every time you login.
  • Login automatically at Windows startup: If checked, UCE Desktop will launch when WIndows starts up.
  • Reconnect automatically after network failure: If checked, UCE Desktop will try to  reconnect automatically in the event of a network failure.  Enter the interval in minutes to wait before reconnecting.
  • Change Main menu (Organization, Favorite): If checked, the Organization pane is displayed when you login. If unchecked, the  Favorites pane is displayed.
  • Display photo (Organization, Favorite): If checked, your photo will appear in Contacts lis, Call list, and so forth.
  • Show notice bar (not in this version)
  • Display checkbox (Organization, Favorites): If checked, a checkbox will be displayed in the Organization and Favorites pane.
  • Always display Quick Menu (not in this version)
  • Use Simple information: If checked, &&&.


Path identifies the locationj where downloaded files will be stored. Click Change to specify a different location.

Select Language

Currently, only English is supported.