FAQs (UCE Desktop)

1. Can/how do you drag and drop calls using the IPECS UCE desktop client?

    There is no drag/drop functionality at this time.  You can transfer the call; when the call is being handled by the UCE soft phone.

2. How do you transfer calls using the UCE client?

   This client is meant as a standalone device, not a means of call control for another device.

   You can only transfer calls via the UCE client that are controlled by the UCE client as a soft phone call.  Calls on your hard phone will need to be first taken by the UCE client via the 'Call Move' button in the application (appears in the top part of the application to the right of the user's extension when the hard phone is on a call). 

3. When making an outbound call with the client using a contact speed dial, how do you get it to dial via the desktop phone rather than the speakers and mic of the pc?

   This application is not meant to control your desk phone.

   That said, for a Premium user, you have 2 buttons on your hard phone rather than 1 of the Basic user.  When you place a call via the UCE application, you will note that the LED for this 2nd button is lit when a call is placed via UCE.  Once that call is connected, you may simply push that button which will move the call from the UCE soft phone to the hard phone.

4. When I set the client status to DND status for my extension, the user icon changes in UCE as desired but the physical desk phone still rings when calling it.  Why is that?

   What you are changing  is not the phone's status; but rather the UCE application's presence status.  (This status is indicated to other Premium users in their UCE application).   See answer to the following question.

5.  When I set the client status to DND, the icon changes but the phone DND status does not light up/flash to reflect the change in the client status.  Why is that?

   If you desire to change the DND status of the phone itself, you'll note that to the right of the presence status in the UCE application is a phone icon with a downward arrow.  If you click 'DND Setting' there, it will place your phone in DND.  Clicking that icon again, you will see 'DND OFF' to disable DND on the phone.  Additionally, you may enable / disable Forwarding from this dropdown menu.