Windows Hotfix Download Instructions

If UCE Desktop fails to launch after upgrading, you must download and apply the appropriate Windows Hotfixes for your PC.

If you still can't launch UCE Desktop after performing the following steps, call 877-Vertical and follow the prompts for Customer Service to create a ticket for iPECS Support. If the problem is not urgent, you may email and a ticket will be created for you.

Download and apply Windows Hotfixes

  1. Make sure you have local administrator rights for your Windows PC.
    NOTE: If your regular user account does not have local administrator rights, you must log on to your PC using the credentials for an account that has local administrator rights.
  2. Download the file to your Downloads folder or PC Desktop.
  3. Open the downloaded ZIP file.
  4. Double-click on the batch file (UCD_Pre-reqs.bat) to run it.
  5. The batch file determines the Windows version on your PC and automatically installs the required Hotfixes.